On the surface, family photography seems to be all about taking pretty pictures of your family to hang on your walls or place in a photo album. For myself and many other photographers who have also chosen to dedicate their careers to this field, it’s so much more. As a parent and as someone who […]

Family Photography

Get to Know Your Family Photographer: Why I Do What I Do

Ames photographer at Lovely Moments Photography By Synthia recently received the ICP Award for honorable mention for outstanding photographic achievements.

Newborn Photography, Studio Session

Honorable Mention Award Received


You put a lot into your newborn photos, baby portraits, maternity portraits, or other types of family photos. You did this for a reason: because these precious images are a link to the past that can forever transport you back to your happiest memories of this stage in your family’s life. Of course, this link […]

Family Photography

How to Save Your Digital Downloads of Your Family Photography

Lovely Moments By Synthia is in a new photo studio! This is a thrilling time for Lovely Moments by Synthia because we’re announcing a big move: an amazing new portrait studio in Story City! We’re now located at 527 Broad Street, Story City, IA 50248. For years, Story City has been an incredible place for […]

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