On the surface, family photography seems to be all about taking pretty pictures of your family to hang on your walls or place in a photo album. For myself and many other photographers who have also chosen to dedicate their careers to this field, it’s so much more. As a parent and as someone who […]

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Get to Know Your Family Photographer: Why I Do What I Do

Professional family portraits are a memento that every parent desires and treasures, but quite frankly, the idea often sends their anxiety through the roof because they’re picturing the struggle of getting all their kids to sit nicely together and smile for the camera. It sounds like an impossible feat, especially if your kids are very […]

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How to Get Great Family Photos…Even When Kids Will Be Kids

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How to back up your photos Family portraits and baby portraits are deeply meaningful to your family. You’ve invested time, funds, and effort to get amazing professional photos. The entire purpose is to preserve a moment in time and a stage of life that will soon be only a memory, so you don’t want those […]

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How to Back Up Your Photos from a Professional Photographer


You put a lot into your newborn photos, baby portraits, maternity portraits, or other types of family photos. You did this for a reason: because these precious images are a link to the past that can forever transport you back to your happiest memories of this stage in your family’s life. Of course, this link […]

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How to Save Your Digital Downloads of Your Family Photography

Planning to have Iowa family portraits taken Every parent loves to watch their kids venture into the world of adulthood and begin building a life, a career, and potentially a family for themselves. As exciting as this is, though, it often takes adult children farther from the nest than Mom and Dad might like, so […]

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Together Again: Iowa Family Portraits with Three Generations

You’ve just laid eyes on your new family photos and you’re absolutely thrilled with them! They turned out beautifully and captured each family member’s best side. Naturally, you’re excited to show them off and share them with as many people as possible. What many people don’t realize, though, is that there are limits to how […]

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How You Can (And Cannot) Use Your Professional Portraits

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If you’re preparing for a maternity photo session, first things first: congratulations! You’re about to embark on the incredible adventure of motherhood, and what better way to commemorate this life-changing time than with a maternity photo shoot that preserves these memories forever. Looking for some ideas to make the most of your maternity session? As […]

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The Magic of Motherhood: Ideas for Your Maternity Photo Session

Tips for Planning Outfits for Your Family Photo Session You have a family photo session on the schedule and you can’t wait to finally update your family portraits with everyone looking their best. Before the big day arrives, though, there is some prep work to be done. One of your top jobs is to put […]

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Tips for Planning Outfits for Your Family Photo Session


There’s a certain cycle that too many families go through when they get family photos taken, whether they’re updated portraits for the whole family or they’re more specific maternity portraits, newborn photos, or photos for other occasions. After your session when you first see your photos, you’re thrilled with them! You’re so glad you took […]

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Why You Need a Print for Your Family Photos